NFT Airdrop

NFT airdrop is 1 of 5 pieces of NFT square where a new playground is created for users and fan communities to interact and receive NFT gifts from events.

NFT airdrop officially kicks off on September 24, 2021 with the first collection - FAM NFT LEGEND COLLECTION

FAM NFT Legend Collection
555 Special Versions on the Cinema sector

Why 555? The repeated appearance of the number 5 represents the 5 original founders of FAM, each individual is an inseparable piece to build FAM central project that is gradually developing as it is today.

The inspiration for the collection comes from the first letter "F", for "FAM", which also stands for "Film". Therefore, FAM NFT collection showcases some of the filmmaker's tools, embodying FAM's vision as a NFT marketplace & defi platform suited for film and entertainment industry.

The limited edition designed by Chairman of FAM Central - Mr. Charlie Nguyen to prove that FAM Central will initially focus on developing its strongest advantage - the film industry


Camera NFT Legend

Coming soon


Types & Rarity

Five early original versions will be created and each of them will represent an equipment of filmmaking tools. Based on that, we will mint 555 NFTs of FAM NFT LEGEND COLLECTION that each LEGEND is associated with a unique token ID, ranging from #1 to #555. Each version will definitely become rare as it is never re-released.

5 original types


Director chair



Trophy Legend

FAM NFT LEGEND COLLECTION with 555 versions will be distributed at the following rate:

Clapperboard: 40%
Director Chair: 29%
Camera: 18%
Projector: 12%
Trophy: 1%


After receiving the NFT, Fanvestor can "enjoy" it in many ways:

1. Collection

* In case you needs to collect NFT it as a memento, we give you a place to display and look up when you need via "NFT Library" feature - coming soon.

2. Trade and transfer your NFT

* At the time we launch NFT Marketplace, you will be able to resell NFT according to the mechanism and operation of the Exchange.
* This feature is currently in development, we will update it on the Website and notify you as soon as we launch the product.

3. Redeem for Entertainment Vouchers

* We understand that if NFT is more interesting if it's attached to daily life activities. Please look forward to it!
Note: Product roadmap may be changed during implementation

First NFT Airdrop Campaign

This campaign requires users to fullfill tasks to earn points and exchange for the right to receive NFT in FAM NFT LEGEND COLLECTION. What are you waiting for, let's start now!

I. Compulsory Task


Follow Twitter (2 Points)


Retweet Pin Post (2 Points)


Join Telegram Group (2 Points)


Join Telegram Channel (2 Points)


Follow Facebook Fan Page (2 Points)


Visit FAM Central NFT Square (2 Points)

II. Bonus Task


Daily Retweet for FAM Central (1 for each Tweet)


Youtube Review FAM Central (15 Points for Each)


Medium Blog Review for FAM (3 Points for Each)


Refer a friend (1 point for each)


Join Random Minigame in FAM Global Telegram Group

III. Rules

User much complete all the compulsory tasks (From 1 - 6).

Join Random Minigame for Bonus Points.

No cheating allowed, if there is any suspicious activity showing that you cheat with any kind of method, we will terminate the reward

IV. Awards:

155 NFT will be given for top performers

Top 5: 1 Exclusive Trophy Legend NFT / each

Top 150: Get random Filming Equipment NFT from FAM

400 random NFT will be given for 400 lucky winners (1/each)

Reward conditions

To receive NFT collection, the winner needs to fulfill the following conditions: (1) provide BEP20 Adress; (2) Hold 10 FAM in wallet.

V. Date & Time

Start date: 1:00 UTC 24 Sep 2021

End Date: 1:00 UTC 03 Oct 2021

Claim Date: 1:00 UTC 06 Oct 2021


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